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Luxo is a seasoned pro.

Mentored by the greatest and most respected underground artists in LA such as Promnite and Penthouse Penthouse, Luxo has risen to prominence to tour internationally in US and Canada.

Garnering +100,000 plays with his tracks on Spotify and SoundCloud, he has released tracks on the hottest up-and-coming House labels such as House of Hustle, Hood Politics, and Late Night Munchies.

He is also co-founder of the beloved House label Rock Bottom Records with releases from Morelia (Insomniac Records), DJ Susan, and MAP.

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Creating music is hard and doing it alone is even harder. How much time is wasted working without other artists’ feedback?

Navigating the world of the music industry takes years to learn.

From creating a House label, international touring, playing in festivals and clubs, and releasing tracks, Luxo’s years of sheer experience is wide-ranging and deep.

Learn ACTIONABLE tips and tricks from a music producer with real-world experience.

Take your music production to the next level.

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